Portraits by Tiffany Portraits by Tiffany


When I was 14 I got my first camera. That pretty much sealed the deal then! My photography career started with photographing horses at horse shows. Back then it was just a hobby.

Working different jobs over the years I learned a lot about business and photography (as I was lucky to get jobs in the industry). Then in 1999 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Catching it early was certainly a life saver. But having cancer was a life changer. It taught me first and foremost to trust in The Lord for everything. It also pushed me to follow my passion of photography and start my own business. After a clean bill of health was issued in early 2000 I started my own photography business with nothing but a camera and studio (to use...not even mine). After a couple years I had saved enough to buy all the equipment I was using. I have been growing and upgrading ever since. Attending school and conferences every year helps me to improve my skills as I never want to stop learning. 

When not photographing I enjoy fishing, hiking, riding motorbike, fitness and just living life. 

God Bless, Tiffany